Alfabeat and WeWork invest in Andiamo

Global research and development centre of British startup Andiamo is starting its activity in Gdańsk. The company develops software for 3D design of medical orthoses for children. Andiamo came to Poland thanks to the investment of Polish technology fund Alfabeat.

Not without reason, the motto of the Polish fund is – We support founders through global alliances. The fund believes that only through international cooperation one can achieve success on a global scale for loans now.

Investing in potential

We have spoken to the investors from all over the world and Alfabeat was the one of the very few who just got it immediately!– says Naveed Parvez, co-founder of Andiamo.

Andiamo: Cooperation with Alfabeat (Polish VC) from Andiamo on Vimeo.

We knew at first glance that Andiamo has great potential. Their solution completely changes the way of thinking about the industry– says Bartosz Lipnicki, Managing Partner at Alfabeat.

Their potential was appreciated not only by the Alfabeat fund. WeWork has also invested in the solution via their Creator Awards initiative. Mikhail Konoplev, General Manager Central Europe, WeWork says – “As a winner of last year’s Creator Awards, it is great to see Andiamo expand to Poland with such an impactful and meaningful business. We launched the Creator Awards – a global competition recognising and rewarding creators and entrepreneurs – in seven major cities, including London, where Andiamo won their funding to help build high-tech orthotic devices for children, before winning a further $500,000 at the global finals in New York City earlier this year. With WeWork expanding to Poland, Andiamo will not only remain part of our flourishing community but, also connect with our new members here and continue to inspire.”


WeWork provides more than 253,000 members around the world with space, community, and services through both physical and virtual offerings. WeWork’s mission is to help create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. Founded in New York City in 2010 by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, WeWork currently has more than 283 physical locations in over 75 cities and 22 countries around the world.


In Poland, our activities are focused on the area of research and development. Engineers and designers at the R&D centre in Wrzeszcz, Gdańsk, will work on breakthrough solutions in the field of 3D design and modelling to create the best orthoses in the world– says Lee Provoost – CTO and co-founder of Andiamo.

Time matters

The authors of the project want every young patient to be able to receive their custom-made orthoses even several times faster than it is possible now – even in a week. Currently, small patients who need orthoses, have to wait even several months. The technology used by the British startup allows to make a 3D scan of the selected part of child’s body within a few seconds and print the orthoses within 48 hours. What’s more, the scan enables to reproduce the shape of the body up to 300 times more precisely than in the case of the classic method of gypsum-casting. The difference between the 3D scan and the real shape is maximum of 0.1mm. In addition, Andiamo’s orthoses provide a perfect fit – being thin enough to make ortopaedic shoes unnecessary. Click here and find chiropractor in scottsdale.

With the help of the Alfabeat fund, Andiamo wants to continue the work on automating the processing of data obtaining from the 3D scanning. The data will be automatically transformed into a 3D printable model find a seo agency in phoenix. So far, this process has been carried out by a qualified specialist. Information will also be collected and transferred to the platform to make the production more effective and cheaper. The team behind Andiamo also wants to improve the load-bearing capacity of the orthoses.

– Our mission, carried out with a team of the top specialists, is to find a mass solution for problems in the field of orthoses .We expect that Andiamo products will significantly improve the quality of life of 50.8 mln people – patients and their families – in the next 10 years– says Samiya Parvez – Chief Families Officer and co-founder of Andiamo – who is listed by Forbes magazine as one of 100 Women Founders to follow.

Founder’s experience

The co-founders of Andiamo are Naveed and Samiya Parvez – parents of Diamo. –Our son – born in 2003 – had a difficult birth, which led to cerebral palsy.He needed help 24 hours a day. The biggest challenge was getting his orthoses right. The process was very long and frustrating– says Samiya Parvez.

Andiamo: Samiya Parvez – CFmO, co-founder from Andiamo on Vimeo.

Samiya and Naveed decided to create a solution that would help the disabled children and their families. Andiamo builds healthcare solutions to ensure that no child anywhere in the world has to wait more than a week for their medical device.